Warranty Policy

Love Isabelle Jewellery offers a 6-month warranty period starting from the date of purchase, subject to our terms and conditions. This warranty encompasses repair and restoration services for items that are deemed faulty or require the expertise of our jewellers for restoration. To initiate a warranty claim, proof of purchase (order number or receipt) is required.

Please note that our warranty does not cover; accidental breakage of your jewellery, normal wear and tear resulting from usage, tarnishing of jewellery worn in chlorine pools or exposed to chemicals, loss of jewellery without proof of default, the gradual fading of jewellery, or misshaping of jewellery due to mishandling and excessive wear, this is decided upon assessment of our team. Additionally, this warranty does not extend to the replacement, exchange, or refund of products due to regular wear and failure to follow our recommended care guidelines


Jewellery Care

It's best to keep your pieces away from harsh chemicals, chlorines, and perfumes, as this will take it's toll on your precious jewels. Depending on the frequency of wear, the filling may tarnish over time. To keep your pieces shiny and clean, gently wipe over with a jewellery cleaning cloth every so often. Our little tip is to also hang fine necklaces and earrings when not wearing, to avoid tangling and to keep in the open air to avoid moisture build up.

Love Isabelle Jewellery pieces are made to last, and we want you to love and wear your piece! We recommend that you treat each piece with care as even the highest quality materials can snap or break if handled aggressively. Extreme bending, force or rough handling is not a manufacturing fault and Love Isabelle Jewellery will not be responsible for replacing mishandled products.