Underpinned by our commitment to quality, our collection of jewellery is consciously created. We stand for a slower, more measured approach to the fast-paced manufacturing process, that’s why each piece is made to order. We create classic, everyday pieces for everyday wear. From changes to our packaging, production, the materials we use and workflow within our studio, we are committed to our sustainability journey.
 We do not use animal products in the manufacturing of our designs and we work very closely with our team of craftsmen to ensure our pieces are responsibly created. Our production team exists both in-house, in our Sydney studio where we handcraft around 70-80% of our range, and globally, where we source precious stones and metals. 
80% of the gold material used in our production is sourced from recycled materials.
Our reusable packaging includes no plastic, recycled paper and a 'less is more' policy where orders will be packaged appropriately, not excessively to ensure safe travels.
We are committed to always improving and tweaking our practises to become more sustainable. As we begin and continue to research and develop our sustainable practises, we hope you'll join us through this journey.
Love, Isabelle